Interactive entertainment for digital screens

Shop windows are boring. WindowGrin adds the missing fun! 

WindowGrin is an entertainment solution for retail, interactive shop windows and digital signages. 

WindowGrin is a magic mirror concept that mirrors the customer's face with a virtual character’s image, while he's standing in front of a live digital screen set up in your shop's window.  Our virtual characters will mimic the facial expressions of your customer. Our game experiences draw and keep your customer in front of your shop window.

100% touch-free!

WindowGrin delivers a 100% touch-free gaming experience to shop window AR displays and digital signages. WindowGrin tracks the user's facial gestures and head movements to play games, making the experience 100% COVID-19 safe! 

Check out the video above to see the WindowGrin experience!

Check out WindowGrin in action!
Choose from a huge number of character faces...

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

...or request a custom character face for your brand!
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The team behind WindowGrin

Zoltán Sóstai

founder / creative director

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Szabolcs Turányi-Vadnai

founder / head of distribution

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László Sövény

lead developer

Nikolett Juhász

pr and marketing

WindowGrin is a joint venture between private enterpreneur Zoltan Sostai and Happy Promotions Interactive Ltd. -

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1085 - Hungary

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