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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use WindowGrin as a tool to draw customers to my business?

The primary reason to use WindowGrin is to draw customers to your shop window, to your retail environment or to your digital signage post by engaging them in an interactive game. 

How can I use WindowGrin as a direct marketing tool?

1. You can display embedded ads (movies, images, etc.) of your product or you can use WindowGrin's AR extension to place virtual ad objects of your products directly into your retail environment. 

2. You can request a custom interactive character of your own brand - check character options and references.

3. You can request a custom game built around your own brand - check game options and references.

Can I use my existing online marketing database solution for WindowGrin to display my ads?

Yes, WindowGrin can connect to all online databases and then download and display all ads in any usual movie or image formats.

Can I remotely manage WindowGrin?

Yes, you can.

In what hardware can I install WindowGrin?

WindowGrin is either delivered as a digital signage screen or as shopwindow AR (augmented reality) screen software solution. 

I am a digital signage post provider and I want to install WindowGrin on my existing hardware. Is this possible? 


Yes, it's possible to install WindowGrin. However, certain system requirements have to be met in order to run the WindowGrin software.

What are the system requirements for WindowGrin?

Please contact us for such details.

Does the WindowGrin system come with customer support?

Yes, the purchase of WindowGrin includes supporting the software for 1 year. 

What is the display resolution of WindowGrin?

The display resolution of WindowGrin can be anything up to Ultra HD (4k).

Does WindowGrin require touching, or any physical interaction with a screen?

No, WindowGrin is 100% touch-free!

I want to buy WindowGrin. How can I do that?

Just contact us at

I have a special request. I'd like to rent or try out WindowGrin and/or I have lots of questions about the system. Are you able to help me?

Yes, just contact us at We're happy to help!

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